The Studio.


Deaftone Studios is Belgium's newest recording studio in Velzeke-Ruddershove, a small municipality of Crazytown! (Right, that's in Belgium). An old worn down house in the Flemish Ardennes rebuilt with blood sweat and tears, months of work and a swimming pool of coffee, turned into a place for YOU to make your musical dream come true. Here, you and your band can do studio recordings, get your sessions mixes, rehearse or come together for post production of your music, assisted as required by professional studio-engineers. We all have a

The studio is built around the live room, where wood and hemp make for a sublime sound. Additionally, there are two different isolated booths. The control room is equipped with both the best of vintage analog gear, mysterious self made outboard and state of the art preamps, as high end digital convertors, DAWs and plugins. As an icing on the cake we turned our basement into an exclusive sounding echo chamber. To keep full focus on the artistic side of creating music, we can suggest different types of accommodation to keep your stay as comfortable as possible. Discover how in Deaftone's Artist Lodge.

Do you want to work on your single, EP or album in a natural, inspiring and relaxed atmosphere with full discretion and without any distraction? Just contact us and we will look at the possibilities for your future booking.