Artist Lodge.


Because music is all about having a good time. Deaftone offers different possibilities to relax after hours of intense work. There's a chillroom where you can find your needed rest in companionship with a collection of books and a glass of wine, a game of darts or a walk in the neighbouring park and fields inhabited with horses.


A rumbling stomach on the record? This can be fixed in our kitchen where enjoying a delicious meal and a cup of coffee is a must.
We can also offer authentic Flemisch kitchen, our chef will pay attention if the occasion arises for vegatarian and anti-allergic diets. coffee = free


Because we believe that a good sleep is important during a production-process, we offer three possible accomodations:

  • Jeugdheem De Populier (10 sleeping-places/500m away from the studio)
  • Bed & Breakfast Fine Fleur (5 sleeping-placesy/3km away from the studio)
  • In the studio (depended on your own creativity/sleepaccomodation)

The projectprices are exclusive sleeping, food and drinks.
Contact us for more information.